Coming home to a living room filled with shredded foam rubber and polyester is not fun. Watching your furry friend suffer as they try and digest it isn’t fun either. I wondered why nobody made a tough dog bed that wasn’t made of polyester and foam rubber. After many hours of discussion with friends and neighbors I decided it was time to stop waiting for someone else to solve the problem and start creating a solution myself. RuffNight was born. What would a tough, all natural dog bed look like? What would you use for the shell? And what could you stuff it with? I decided to try and answer those questions.

Matt Rhodes If you can dream it, Matt can build it. For years, Matt has been the owner and principal of a boutique remodeling company focused on sustainable design and build. After coming home from a long day on the job-site to discover that then puppy Duke had destroyed his third bed he wondered to himself, “Why doesn’t anyone make dog beds out of construction pant material?” Thanks to Matt, RuffNight now does. Bringing his proven project management skills, business acumen, and good ‘ol fashioned creativity we’re confident there’s not a problem any man (or dog) can throw at Matt that he can’t come up with a practical, and eco-friendly, solution to.

After many drawings, trips to the fabric store, and pin-pricks to fingers, a solid design began to emerge. We would create a washable, reversible bed made from organic cotton duck and stuff it with shredded denim. Both products are used everyday by hard working people around the world, so why not use them to make a rugged dog bed?

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