Dog Pillow Beds

We know what your thinking, pillows, for dogs? Well, yea, sort of! Pillow dog beds are simply that, except they are large enough to contain the whole dog. Pillow dog beds & Dog mattresses are soft, resillient, and super comfortable (similar to human pillows but way better). They are flat, wide-open dog beds perfect for experienced loungers - what dog isn't?

These style dog beds are great alternatives to high grade memory foam dog beds. Pillow dog beds provide great support for any size dog, and each bed has the right amount of polyfill to make a dog happy.

Like all dog beds offered at Best of Dog, they come in a variety of fabric choices and colors ensuring that these dog beds will look great in any home decor. If you have trouble locating the best pillow dog bed for your dog, give our Choosing the Best Dog Bed Guide a read.