Large Dog Collars

Large Dog Collars are beneficial for big, huge, and gigantic dogs – especially those that want to rule the world. Having a safe and secure dog collar for training and daily walks for your large dog is a must. Whether you have a gentle giant or a dog that loves to be ahead of the pack, it is important to understand your dogs tendencies to determine the perfect Large Dog Collar for your big dog,

At DogGeekz, we feature an elegant, yet durable line of Leather Dog Collars that are built to 'work' first and 'look great' second. Constructed from Latigo leather in the USA, these leather dog collars are built to last a lifetime and only get softer with age.

Is your dog a gentle giant? Then, a simple dog buckle collar will get the job done. Most Large Dog Collars in our Eco-friendly line feature a quick buckle mechanism, odor resistant, durable, and fast drying – perfect for the large outdoors-men.