Dog Crates

Dog Crates are an important part of training a confident and happy dog – think of it as a sanctuary where your dog can sleep, retreat, travel or simply chill. Crating on a humane schedule teaches puppies bladder and bowel control and limits a teething demon to his own property. Add in their favorite chew toy and dog bed and they'll want to be in their little 'cubbyhole.'

At DogGeekz, we offer versatile dog crates that are designed to adapt as your pup grows. Our Expandable Dog Pen is constructed using a luxurious, sustainable wood that will add a splash of style to any home decor.

Whether its a puppy crate your looking for or something for an older dog, DogGeekz has what you need. If you are having trouble figuring out which dog crate is best for your dog or puppy, please contact us – we're dog people first.