Gifts for Dog Lovers from Best of Dog

pug backpack for humansSince 2011, Best of Dog has been offering the finest selection in luxury dog beds, dog gates and accessories for dogs, but for 2019, Best of Dog will be making a pivotal shift in offerings -- offering dog lovers a unique selection of dog themed products to wear, and for the home.

With our dog-crazy, talented, in-house designers, we will be offering apparel for both men and women. From shoulder bags, jewelry, bedding, you name it, we will be offering a little something for the dog-crazy human.


As always, people can rest-assured that we will only be offering products we would use for ourselves. We hand-select our suppliers and printers and garments carefully to ensure the highest in quality shirts and inks when creating.

You will see some changes to the website as well, as our products will be making their way internationally as well! That's right! Best of Dog will be shipping apparel and dog gifts internationally!


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