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Kuranda Chew-Proof Standard Dog Bed

One quick glance at Kuranda's Chew-Proof Standard Dog Bed and you know it's definitely not the most traditional style dog bed you've come across as a dog owner. It has an actual frame for one. Second, it has no stuffing! What the?! However, if you're looking for the most indestructible dog bed, you've actually found it! Psychologically, this bed represents nothing a dog wants to have in their mouth. Furthermore, it also makes it the most difficult for dogs to try out. During our testing some dogs took to these beds immediately, while others remained completely clueless it was something designed for them to rest on. Through some guidance (placing blankets on the bed), all dogs managed to take to their beds naturally to get some rest. Design and construction The bed's overall construction is simple; though it needs assembly, it's totally understandable if you want to save on shipping. Both XL dog beds arrived each in their small box with all the required parts and tool for assembly. Assembling the dog bed took around 15 minutes (this coming from a guy who loves building things but hates putting IKEA furniture together). As advertised, there is absolutely no way for a dog to get to the fabric of this bed--this is the main selling point, so I was wowed by the ingenious notch in the frame to do so. Unlike the DIY beds that may resemble this one--where fabric is tucked over the frame--there is no comparing the two when you take in the fact that Kuranda patent their design. Kuranda's larger beds--XL and up--come with 2 metal rod inserts designed to run inside the length of the bed to ensure long lasting, even support. As I mentioned, this bed may look like something anyone can build using materials from a hardware store as it would take some serious craftsmanship skills to achieve this level of Chew-Proofing. Kuranda offers 4 style of fabrics--tough to toughest--in many color options to match your existing home decor. The free-flowing fabric is the actual part the dog lays on, kind of like a hammock, but way better in the comfort and support department. The 4 frame-legs pop into place with clear footing caps--perfect for keeping hardwood floors scratch free and keeping dirt/debris from entering the hollow structure. These beds are lightweight for their size and heavy-duty at the same time--a rare treat in the world of dog products. Wash and care Washing and caring for these elevated dog beds is a breeze. Using only a floor scrubber and favorite solution of fabric cleaner, I gave these beds a hose down only when I noticed the fabric getting a little dingy. All fabrics in this line repel fur and dirt very well, and air-dry quickly without the help of a dryer or sun. Durability The four dogs that test this bed had serious issues with tearing traditional dog beds (stuffing/cotton covers) into pieces. Not once did they gnaw at the bed. One particular dog would dig at the bed but believe he was doing so because was probably a bit taken-aback by the design. The constant digging did nothing to the beds. We tested these outdoors as well--on outdoor trips or when spending a whole day outside gardening--and all materials of the bed look good as new. No weathering on the hardware or fabric--just a few scratches on the frame from moving it around and dropping it on our trips.