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Designer Donut Dog Bed - Print
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Designer Donut Dog Bed - Print

Regular price $ 89.00

This Designer Donut Dog Bed features a micro-velvet cover which is much more durable than cotton but twice as cozy and soft. These donut beds are also overstuffed with high memory polyester fiber for a bouncy and comfortable feel dogs love. The inner-pillow is tufted to prevent bedding from shifting or losing its form, even after various washes.
  • Micro-velvet is dirt, bacteria & water resistant.
  • Cover and inner cushion are machine washable.
  • Perfect for any size pet.
  • Also available in solid colors.

A Donut Dog Bed is perfect for dogs who need a place of their own to catch some serious ZzzZz's.

  • Inner Dimensions:
       XSmall:  15"L x 11"W x 3"H
       Small:  19"L x 11"W x 5"H
       Medium:  26"L x 17"W x 6"H
       Large:  31"L x 19"W x 7"H
       XLarge:  36"L x 22"W x 7"H
       XXLarge:  41"L x 24"W x 9"H
  • Outer Dimensions:
       XSmall:  22"L x 16"W x 6"H
       Small:  27"L x 22"W x 7"H
       Medium:  35"L x 27"W x 8"H
       Large:  42"L x 32"W x 9"H
       XLarge:  50"L x 36"W x 9"H
       XXLarge:  55"L x 36"W x 11"H
  • Weight Capacity:
      XSmall:  < 15 lbs
       Small:  up to 25 lbs
       Medium:  up to 45 lbs
       Large:  up to 80 lbs
       XLarge:  up to 100 lbs
       XXLarge:  up to 120 lbs