Dog Beds

Choosing the best dog bed for your dog can leave you wondering on where to start. That's why Best of Dog offers a quality selection of handcrafted, luxury dog beds that are guaranteed to have your pup bragging at the dog park.

From luxurious, luxury dog beds crafted from the most durable and fashionable fabrics available for your dog, to no-chew fabrics that are sure to keep your dog from chewing up their new dog bed, Best of Dog takes great pride in offering dog lovers and their dogs the best dog beds available.

We also offer real orthopedic dog beds with real memory foam to help older dogs rest their achy bodies on something much more resilient. Using an orthopedic bed that is equipped with memory foam is a proactive measure for breeds, typically large breeds, that are prone to hip dysplasia and other bone related diseases can maximize their comfort while resting.

Need Help Choosing A Dog Bed?

With over hundreds of comfortable beds to choose from, one has to stop and wonder, "it's only a dog bed, right?" But the important reality is that no two dogs are the same. Even if they are the same breed, a dog’s stature and sleeping habits play the biggest role in determining which bed is best.

Pillow Dog Beds: Is your dog a sprawler (like most humans)? A rectangular pillow bed gives your freedom-sleeper the liberty of stretching out edge-to-edge without running out of real estate.

Bolster Dog Beds: Own a dog that likes to curl up on your lap, or those that like to hog up the sofa? Then a bolster beds is the perfect dog bed for this kind of sleeper.