Large Dog Beds

Large dogs require nice sturdy resting areas. Due to their sheer weight and size, large breed dogs have a never ending battle with hard floors. Large breed dogs also have a different aging chemistry than smaller dogs; they age faster and are prone to arthritis and other muscle and joint pain issues. Equipping them with a large dog bed that will contain and hold their weight is crucial.

For many, an elevated, strong support dog bed like our chew-proof dog beds get the job done. These will never loose their orthopedic support, ensuring many years of great use.

Also, orthopedic dog beds provide a great, even support area for large dogs to rest on. Orthopedic dog beds range in form and construction. Each bed can tolerate a different weight of dog so it is important to select a dog bed that will not bottom out only months after use.

At Best of Dog, we try to make the human and dog bond stronger. All large breed dog beds come in a variety of color options and fabric choices, ensuring that our large dog beds will only provide the maximum comfort for your big dog and style points to your home decor.