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K9 Ballistics

Easy-to-Clean Dog Bed

Regular price $ 125.00

This Easy-to-Clean Dog Bed is constructed for dogs of all ages. But because of it's awesome tech, the covers are like fitted sheets on your bed. These covers are designed to be easy to put on and take off. The cover is made from extremely durable fabrics that are made to stand up to repeated washing. They will continue looking like new wash after wash. If your dog suffers from incontinence or is just very active, we recommend  an extra cover to use between washes.

The proprietary density and weight foam sets this dog bed apart from other orthopedic foam mattresses. By using K9 Smart Foam that has been tested and calibrated for dogs, there is no layering process, glue has totally been removed from the process. This introduces greater airflow, amazing comfort, and superior support with the perfect amount of bounce.

Sleeping Surface Dimensions

Small 13" x 16"

Medium 22" x 25"

Large 29" x 32"

X-Large 33" x 46"

XX-Large 60" x 35"


There is a one-time warranty per order. If your orthopedic mattress flattens more than 2 inches or 50% within 10 years from normal use, the manufacturer will replace it once free of charge. This does not apply to mattresses that have flattened due to destructive behaviors such as chewing, digging, or scratching, nor will we replace mattresses that have flattened due to water damage or exposure to urine. Should the mattress become wet, please allow it to air dry completely before allowing your dog to use it again to prevent any potential damage from occurring to the foam.

To file a claim for the replacement, simply send us a photo of the mattress beside a tape measure or ruler to show its current thickness. Please remove the outer cover and liner before photographing the fill so that we can better see the flattened area.

Pee-Proof Bedding

pee-proof dog bed

Absorb, Contains & Protects

Most waterproof covers shed water, which ends up on your floor. The sleep surface of our Pee Proof covers are designed to absorb it and contain it until you're ready to throw it in the wash.

Easy to clean dog bed

Moisture and dirt are transferred from your dog to the plush faux fur top layer. The absorbent second layer draws in and contains the moisture, while the waterproof bottom layer prevents it from leaking through to the mattress below.