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Cambridge Aluminum Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed up to 175 lbs.

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Finally, the answer to all dog vs. dog bed chewing issues. The Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed is for dogs no bigger than 175 lbs. and is guaranteed to last and keep your dog busy trying to find their way with this one - not that they ever will! These indestructible dog beds were designed in such a way that the fabric edges are never exposed. The poly resin frame and fabric selection are UV resistant making them great for outdoor or indoor use. These elevated dog beds provide long and even lasting support for dogs of any age. Easy to clean and able to withstand wash after wash without ever loosing their orthopedic support.

Elevated dog beds help with more than just support

By having an elevated dog bed, you are doing more than just providing even level support for your dog -- you are allowing your dog to have a refreshing and relaxing place to restore energy. Because the bed is elevated -- and most fabric options are breathable weaved patterns -- this means optimal ventilation both under and above the dog bed.

If your dog is an outdoor dog, this means it will be off extremely hard floors, damp or wet floors, floors that remain warm into the night, and most insects. Given the fact that the materials used to construct this bed are weather and outdoor resistant make this the ultimate dog bed for outdoor scenarios.

  • Extra stiff 1" square aluminum frame with aluminum corner brackets hold up to 175 lbs.
  • Excellent chew resistance against small and medium size dogs
  • Long lasting heavy duty vinyl fabric cleans easily and dries quickly
  • Made in the USA.
  • 1-year chew proof warranty.

It's important to select a dog bed that will contain your dog. Your dogs head or paws should not be forced to rest on the supports unless they feel to rest that way.

  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Fabric 40 oz. (most durable, easiest to clean)

Our most durable option, ideal for giant breeds and destructive dogs. Non-absorbent, solid material, just spray and wipe dry.