How To Choose The Best Dog Gate

Understanding the habits and anatomy of your dog is important when looking to purchase a dog gate. While all dogs are individuals, the anatomy of certain dog breeds allow them to be exceptional escape artists and climbers. Most athletic breeds posses the ability to scale a 6 foot wall but never learn to because they don’t posses the will or personality to do so. While it’s easier to confine smaller and medium dogs, understand there is very little we can do to confine the Olympians when they don’t respect boundaries. Training becomes imperative if your dog jumps or scales the tallest of pet gates inside your home.

Large Spaces call for very wide dog gates

The layout of ones home is usually the biggest issue when trying to restrict access or confine dogs to one part of the house. For very large rooms, extra wide and tall dog gates are versatile choices because they can be used in more than once place of the home and span across the largest of living spaces.

Existing Home Furniture call for designer style dog gates

Sometimes we’ve invested so much into a theme in our home that our dog’s products become eye sores because they don’t match the beautiful hardwood furniture and floors. Ugly, dingy, plastic dog gates are not the only result, people! At DogGeekz, we understand that living at home with a dog should be done in harmony, which is why we’ve put together a collection of functional, designer dog gates you can enjoy in your home.

But I don’t want to drill the walls — no worries, use a tension mounted or accordion dog gates

This is a very common problem amongst dog owners. Whether you’re renting a home or simply 100% against the idea of mounting a gate to the walls inside your home, not to worry because there are tension mounted dog gates. These gates have ingenious tension mechanisms that allow 4 points of the gate to securely hold itself in place to make a strong, safe, and reliable gate for the strongest of dogs.

I don’t want to drill or pressure mount anything to my beautiful walls

If you’re not a fan of anything touching your walls in your home, freestanding dog gates are always great forms of containment. Understand, these freestanding pet gates do just as they say, and that is stand alone without the need of hardware. These gates are least recommended for dogs who have no respect for boundaries as they can eventually be tipped over by the largest of dogs.