Bolster Dog Beds

Bolster dog beds offer pups the security of sleeping in the curled up position they all love. A dog's natural instinct is to burrow and sleep in a cradling position, and a bolster bed offers just that. Your dog will be fast asleep counting sheep cuddled against a secure and comfortable dog bed. Dogs who suffer from cold at night will also appreciate the added warmth the surrounding walls that these dog beds provide.

For delicate pets prone to synthetic fibers and artificial dyes, the Organic Bumper Dog Bed is 100% certified safe. It's passed rigorous testing for over 100 potential harmful substances and is constructed from organic cotton covers and super resilient intelliloft.

Bolster beds, also known as bolster dog beds, come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The sofa design is an easy way of getting your dog off your sofa and onto something designed just for them.

For the many dog lovers who own a curler, these donut style dog beds always gets the job done.

Own two or three dogs? Get them a larger dog bed so that they can all cuddle together.