Dog Bed Covers

Dog bed covers are unique and smart ways of saving some serious bucks on shipping a large dog bed. By simply buying a dog bed cover and filling it with memory foam pillows of your choice, you'll be saving over 50% with just a little work on your end.

Some dogs have peculiar sleeping positions, other dogs have heavy coats that quickly make them overheat at night, and just about every dog thinks their dog bed is a chew-toy. So pay close attention to your dog when shopping for a cover as these comes in various shapes and fabric materials. We have chew-proof dog bed covers equipped with industrial velcro, 100% cotton covers with zippers, and more.

A dog owners' first time dog purchase is almost never their last. It is estimated that dog parents spend over a thousand dollars in beds during a dog's life. There are hundreds of reasons dog beds need replacement, like: cheap fabric that started to wear and fringe, impossible to wash and dry, but the most common is the bedding -- which often loses its bounce and resiliency. The inner-bedding of a dog bed is the single most important factor when it comes to why WE as dog parents even buy a dog bed. The inner-bedding is the secret to a good night's sleep!

And don't worry with all this ifnormation, because if you decide to buy a complete dog bed from Best of Dog, we only offer the very best in dog bedding. But understand, that you can and will save lots of money on shipping buy purchasing a few dog duvets and up cycling old clothes, pillows and blankets.