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Best of Dog was founded by the love a group of friends have for their dogs. Offering the finest selection of dog beds, dog gates and more, is proud to represent the most socially responsible brands in the dog industry. We only offer what we would offer our very own dogs. And that's working with manufacturers who design products with the dog's safety and well-being in mind.

A huge selection of our online catalog is human and dog, tested and approved. We write reviews on our blog, and produce video reviews for popular selling dog products to help dog owners with their shopping decisions.

Our selection of dog beds is vast. You can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes, prints and designs -- for dogs who chew or slobber, or simply for older dogs who need orthopedic support for their ailing bodies. If you want to polish up on your dog bed buying skills, you can do so by checking out our dog bed buying guide.

If you're looking for innovative ways to contain or restrict your dog from entering forbidden areas in your home, we offer a wide selection of dog gates to do so. Whether it's for a stairway, large den area, or kitchen opening, dog gates are essential training pieces of equipment needed in a dog's life. Be sure to check out our dog gate buying guide.