How To Choose The Best Chew-Proof Dog Bed

If you're new to spending dollars on a chewing dog, welcome to the club of frustrated dog owners looking to find the best chew-proof dog bed to end all chewing. In a dog's life (10-15 years old), dog owners have reportedly spent close to $2,000 or more in replacing dog beds. That's a lot of money on dog beds! And the truth is, chewing is a part of a dog's life. There is not much we can do if we don't learn to improvise when these habits begin to take a toll on anything other than dog toys.

Having owned dogs all my life, I've owned the perfect angels, and the worst of chewing dogs. Chewing is healthy for dogs on so many levels, but when dogs look to destroy everything in sight, it can become problematic (especially to our wallets). Dogs chew for a number of reasons: boredom, teething, to name a few, but rest assured dogs don't enjoy destroying things around the house to test our patience. They're just in need of training and socializing, however, it can get pretty expensive having to buy a new dog bed every month. Because that's what we all do at some point. We figure that as a dog ages, they'll miraculously learn not to chew. And that's wrong. In worst case scenarios, dog owners give up with replacing dog beds and let their dogs sleep on a hard surface the rest of their life.

What to look for in a Chew-Proof Dog Bed

When looking to purchase the toughest dog bed for your dog, you want to understand a few things:

1) Is there warranty? Warranty plays a huge roll with these beds. Chew-proof dog beds do come with a slightly higher price tag, so it's imperative that warranty is available to test out the claim. But the idea of this higher price tag is that you're going to buy once and be done.

2) What kind of chewer do you own? Breed of dog and tenacity of dog play huge rolls in determining how tough of a bed you'll need. I've owned Pit Bulls who chew only soft enough test out their new toy while others, without probably intentionally trying, have torn into dog products that aren't suppose to tear that easily. If you own a chewing dog already, you'll know best how tough of a bed you'll need. There are chew-resistant and chew-proof, all with great qualities to fill in voids where you need them. For example, some dogs love eating zippers off their beds only, while others love getting into the mysterious clumps of soft-goodness inside. There are dog beds without zippers, beds that are impenetrable, and beds for those who might only dig or scratch at their bed.

3) Are they comfortable? Chew-proof dog beds feature fabrics that are much more durable and taunt compared to that of other cotton or micro-suede options available on, however, they are designed for the chewing dog. These beds still come in the most popular types: bolster dog beds, orthopedic dog beds, or the traditional pillow dog bed. So no matter what stage in life your dog is in, we offer chew-proof beds in just about every style with a good array of fabric options.

It's important to understand that no dog bed is 100% bullet proof from the tenacious of chewers. That's why it's important to introduce training, along with the toughest bed your budget can allow, because all chewing dogs deserve a comfortable place to rejuvenate.

For dogs that are absolute menaces to the household, we recommend metal framed dog beds. Don't worry, these beds are comfortable and provide great even-level support. What's most unique about these dog beds is they fabric is tucked between the frame giving dogs no play on the fabric.